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NANOGEM or NANOCRYSTAL® (NCL) - the best imitation of natural Gemstones! 


Our Nanogem is the glass-ceramic nanocrystal material with nano sized (10¯⁹ m ) crystals of spinel and other minerals in an aluminosilicate glass matrix. It has unique physical and optical properties: homogeneous and even color, high density (3-3,3 g/cm³), luster (RI=1,61-1,64) and melting temperature (>1650 C°). It is successfully can be used during wax-casting technology process.


Nanocrystal rough material is classified by color, hue, saturation, and transparency level.


Transparency wise, all products are divided into three major groups:

1. Transparent (about 160 colors);

2. Translucent or Opal (more then 120 colors);

3. Opaque (about 60 colors).


The transparency of the material depends on its thickness. For example, an opaque 10 mm stone can appear translucent in 5 mm and already transparent in 1 mm. To determine the degree of transparency we use only 1,5 mm thick sliced plates: that is why Opaque Group consists of only the types that are appear not transparent in sliced plates of 1.5 mm and thicker. Naturally, this division is conditional, and serves the purpose to help our customers to make the right decision.

Each produced color has its own digital code and name in our catalogue.


For convenience, all product code numbers starting with (1) refer only to transparent types of nanocrystals. All translucent or opal varieties begin with the number (2) and Opaque nanocrystals start with numbers (3).


One of the main advantage point of our Nanocrystals over other synthetic materials is the homogeneity or uniformity of color. In most cases this is true, but there are few exceptions. First of all, it concerns Opal group due to inevitable variations in the degree of transparency and also Nanocrystals containing red component. But in any case, the degree of color variation is relatively small and only require coordination and approval by the customer on its acceptable range.


In the catalog, You will find special column indicating the color reproducibility of each of the codes:


A - Consistently reproducible colors

B - Items have color variation - it is necessary to approve acceptable range

C - All Opal rough has different degrees of transparency. Prior range approval is necessary.


Some colors are still at the stage of technological improvements - these codes are marked in pink color.

D - These colors are in additional research and development process


This catalogue contains more than 200 different colors and shades. But the work and research on expanding the range of colors still continues. In many cases, this work is based on the wishes of our customers.


We not only produce rough materials, but also process this material into cut stones from 0.8 mm to 20 mm and above, available in Standard and Fancy  shapes.


Please contact our company sales managers for further and more detailed information on prices and other requests.

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